PS Vita- Games That May Turn Your Crank

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There is no doubt the Vita is an impressive piece of hardware especially for a handheld, but the major question with any game device is about the games themselves. The Vita, in many minds, is all power, no games. That is simply not true. Do you not believe me? Well…I will have to show you then.

Uncharted: Golden AbyssUncharted: Golden Abyss

Uncharted is well know for its visuals and great characters. Golden Abyss is no different. It is a prequel to Drake’s Fortune and Drake and company must go through the world searching for yet another treasure. It, like the others in the series, will be filled with plot twists, humor, and outstanding visuals.

The Escape PlanThe Escape Plan

Another problem people feel about the Vita is the idea that it will only be console ports. The Escape Plan says otherwise. It uses all the controls of the Vita except the buttons. You must take the two blobs named Lil and Laarg through levels and, as the name implies, escape. It is an absolutely unique title and I am excited for it.

Blazblue Continuum Shift Blazblue Continuum Shift

Blazblue is a unique fighter with hard to master fighting mechanics and very nice visuals. It has had a couple games in the franchise and each has been highly praised with a decently sized fan base. The Vita version features a new character and some other features, giving you a new and improved Blazblue on a portable device.

Resistance: Burning SkiesResistance: Burning Skies

Resistance is a pretty popular series on the Playstation 3 and has given gamers a fun multiplayer without hindering the singleplayer experience. The third entry is arriving on the Playstation 3 soon and Burning Skies will surely stand up to its PS3 counterpart.

LittleBigPlanet VitaLittleBigPlanet Vita

LBP has had 3 games in the past 3 years. All three were critically acclaimed with its introduction of Play, Create, Share to the console audience. People have gone and created full remakes of popular games and they are beautiful masterpieces in their own right. The Vita’s game will feature new play and create mechanics thanks to the features found on the Vita such as the touch screen/pad, camera, and portability.

Third Part GamesThird Party Support

The Vita has had numerous developers creating games over the past year or so. They have shown off numerous projects that handheld gamers have only dreamed about playing on the go including Assassin’s Creed(new entry), Bioshock(new entry), Call of Duty, Street Fighter x Tekken, and Persona 4.

All the games featured show the potential inside the new device. These are all first year games, meaning that they can only get better as time goes on. Look at the Xbox 360. Compare Oblivion’s technology to the technology in Skyrim. These games are going to get better and better as the handheld’s life cycle moves on. I hope this has shed some light on this device’s lineup.

I have been gaming since I was very young and have a passion for the industry and all the wonderful developers and publishers out there. I am currently in high school and have a simple goal of being part of this industry I am in love with.