Pulling on the Heart Strings, Gears of War 3 Style

Gears of War has taken me as a young baby warped in cloth and rocked me softly side to side.  Wait, that sounded really wired.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that the boys and girls at Epic Games sure know how to piece a great trailer together.  Do the COG Soldiers look like Supermen fighting a weaker enemy?  Or do they look like combat hardened veterans fighting for their lives.  I’ll go with the latter.  Here is an epic trailer GOW:3 style for you to enjoy.  Ohh, and watch out, it might pull at your heart strings a bit.


And here is the Synopsis:

Eighteen months after the fall of Jacinto, the remnant of Jacinto moved to the island of Vectes to rebuild. After a generally quiet period, the Imulsion infected Lambent began to emerge from the ground. Hiding something, the COG head of state, Chairman Prescott, abandoned the COG. Now leaderless and being forced off the island, the COG disbands and separates to the safest places left. Victor Hoffman takes some survivors to Anvil Gate while Delta squad sets off on the “Raven’s Nest” naval ship with the remaining humans to avoid further Lambent incursion.


According to Cliff Bleszinski, the game will “answer the majority of the questions that players have about the history of the world and what’s going on”.[10] The story is being written by science fiction author Karen Traviss, who has authored four Gears novels and is working on the next one.

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