QOTW: What do you think about the Big 3’s plans towards next gen consoles? What would you do? How do you think PC’s will fare?

Question of the week folks.  We know that the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii have been around for a while now.  No doubt the companies that make these pieces of hardware (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) have their eyes on more profits…as all big corporations do.  And one sure fire way to rake in more cash is to make people upgrade there stuff.  I know I’ve heard that such and such company loses money each such and such they sell…but get real, in the long run they will be making more money with new hardware than if they decided to cling to outdated hardware.  So here is the QOTW (Question of the Week) courtesy of Kyle: What do you think about the Big 3’s plans towards next gen consoles? What would you do? How do you think PC’s will fare? **If you have a question you want us to answer, leave it in the comments or “contact me” and we’ll be glad to answer your question 🙂

Casper – No amount of price lowering and exclusive games will ever take attention away from PC gaming. PC gaming is a community of people who enjoy mods, the social side and gaming on the superior platform. U can color a turd gold but its still a turd. I think these desperate attempts to get more people onto consoles is them just letting us know the current gen of consoles is dying out slowly and there just trying to scam as many people as possible before its a dead product. I’ll be saving my money for the next gen console within 2 years from now as there usually around the 1K (1 Thousand ) mark here in Australia.

RIP current gen consoles.

Adam – Companies gonna be making money, and if they can make a few more buckets of cash, then we’ll get some next-next generation consoles possibly before we actually need them.  Games are already looking pretty amazing on the current next gen consoles as it is. And finally Nintendo will be able to stand next to the big boys in terms of graphics when they come out with their Wii U that will have HD capabilities.

Will a next-next gen or consoles come out when gamers demand bigger and better or when developers are tired of fighting old ass hardware?  No.  New consoles will come out when these multi-billion dollar companies think they can increase their stock value by doing so.  Sad but true.

As for the PC.  Let me just say this.  Console games are created on the PC…need I say more?



For me, the big N have got it ALL wrong for next gen. I know everyone said the same thing about the Wii, but I seriously think they have F’d up big time. They should’ve analyzed the decision that they are in and thought:
1. We have ALL of the casual console market
2. We have NONE of the hardcore marketUsing this knowledge, they should recognize that people in the casual market are unlikely to buy another “Wii” (another idiotic decision by Nintendo, making the “Wii U” sound like a peripheral). They should recognize that “that” market is already captured and probably doesn’t want or need to be recaptured.
This should have made Nintendo instantly think of capturing the hardcore market. That way, they have both sides of the coins on 2 different formats, which can be built upon.As for the handheld market, it is sort of the same situation. They have brought out a new piece of hardware that is named as if it is a peripheral or “little” upgrade over the last. They needed to market the 3DS as a new handheld. Instead, it was branded more like a DS with 3D. Having seen one myself, i know that it is much more than that.

Once again, they had their market with the DS, why not branch off from that and try to capture the more “hardcore” users. They couldve effectively “stole” the Vita’s user base before it was even launched. Funnily enough, there is massive rumors of a 3DS add-on which adds 2 more shoulder buttons and another analog stick, which if done in the first place, would’ve catered towards hardcore fans and games much more. FPS + 1 analog stick = FAIL, FPS = Largest market

However, Nintendo’s biggest downfall is probably the time frame in which they have planned to release console and handheld. Surely, with the nature of the Wii U, they should’ve thought about possible applications for its new handheld to work with the console. You want your handheld to be related to your console, you want it to be a small version of it. Much like the PSP and PS2 so nearly were. To put it simply, they had the opportunity to release the console and then the handheld later on, once they figured out how it would work well with the console.


Not much is known about MS’s next gen plans, but early indications are pointing to a 2012 Q4 – 2013 Q4 release, which is a great time frame.

What I expect to see from Microsoft here is the attraction of casual gamers, followed by the release of a hardcore console in 2013. Everything seems to point towards this plan.
First of all, they redesigned the 360 to look nicer, why else would they do this unless they wanted casuals and families to be attracted to it.
Secondly, they then brought the Kinect out to fully attract casuals and lure them away from the Wii whilst it is in decline.

This leaves MS in the situation Nintendo should have thought about. They will have a new console for the hardcore gamers, and the 360 for the casuals, simple and sweet. Everyone’s happy


Once again, not much is known about Sony’s plans for the future, however, the estimates for “Playstation 4” release dates have been a little later than the new Xbox’s.

We have seen the Sony unveil the Vita, an all mighty powerful handheld, which is all about the hardcore gamer. Nintendo failed to take advantage of the gap in the market of a true hardcore handheld and Sony have jumped straight in. As expected, the Vita will have interactivity with the PSN, as well as cross-platform play with PS3. This is exactly what you want from a handheld, as I detailed in my Nintendo write-up.

However, this begs the question. Have Sony released the Vita at the wrong time?

The answer to this question depends on how much you want a PS4, for me, it’s too early of a release for the Vita to work well with the next console (unless the console is tailored to the Vita), but too late of a release to get a good run with the PS3.

Unless Sony release an updated Vita alongside PS4, I can see its usefulness wading away.

If I was Sony, I would’ve pushed for a nice early PS4 release (next year perhaps Q2) and delayed the arrival of the Vita to cater specifically to the PS4. At the moment, it’s only going to get 2 years of quality time with the PS3 as its main influence.


PC gaming currently seems to be in a dark place. The hardware, is so much more advanced than consoles, but the software is on a par. Sadly, this blame entirely lays with lazy development teams who aren’t bothered with utilizing the power of PC’s, they would rather just make a straight port of their games.

The sad thing is that it’s only going to become worse for PC’s. When new consoles launch, they ALWAYS have specs comparable to a high-end PC at it’s time of release (Wii excluded). Console manufacturers even lose money on every console they sell at launch because they put so much tech into them, just to get them out there. For example, the PS3 was being sold for approximately half of what it was worth in parts.

This means that when the new consoles launch, the PC will get games with much better graphics and utilization of their power. But the big problem will be that there will be no point in buying or upgrading your PC, as a console will be much better value for money, no matter what.

As time passes, the PC’s will once again rise above the consoles, WOOOO!!!! But then the ports will once again become shoddy and half assed. It’s a battle that will never be won unless developers step up.

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id rather a mid spec pc game over a console game.. that could atleast do that :)


some really silly comments here. why don't devs cater to a teeny tiny portion of gamers who have top spec rigs? well duh! The fact is that there are still millions of active ps2 users in the world, so to cater to the miniscule fraction of the gaming fraternity/sorority that can 1:afford the rig and 2: configure it to run the high end modes would be suicide for devs. Gone are the days of bedroom coders squeezing every bit of memory from an 8 bit machine. You have to cater to the masses with PC. Or console wins again.