Air Conflicts Secret Wars PC Review

Throw things back to a time when gaming was more simple.  Add a lovable female character with a great little story, fluid fun gameplay and planes, yes WWII and WWI fighter planes, and you’ve bound to have a jolly-ol’ time with this one. Here is my PC review of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars.

Tally ho chaps, into the drink again!

Things seem to start a bit slow, and even I was a little taken off guard finding out I had no choice but to be a young girl in the story.   But once I got a bit of the game in my system and got the controls mastered, I was off and flying and loving it.

No doubt the Nazi’s were an evil force that took Europe by storm.  I started off wanting to just make some cash, but as the war dragged on and I came across many characters who personally knew my deceased father, things took a different twist and started to have a deeper meaning.  Sure the world looked bleak, and my friends were dying around me, but damnit I had to find out who my father really was and do my part to end this brutal Nazi occupation of Europe.

The one thing that really stands out to me with Air Conflicts is the story.  So rarely is this much attention to detail and care about creating a story taken into consideration before a game is shipped out.  Air Conflicts offers a break from the norm and brought me back in time 70 years to WWII.  After a few hours with Air Conflicts and some frustration in mastering the controls, I didn’t mind being a woman pilot, I actually came to enjoy hearing the voice of  DeeDee Derbec.

DeeDee is trying to find out who her father was, who was this mythical war hero of the past? Things become more clear in black and white when her fathers old war buddies tells of their past exploits.  You get to re-live the action in WWI that surrounded DeeDee father’s life.  Sure the planes were slower and the game actually slows down during these bits, but thery actually put into perspective how far aviation and areal combat had come in only 20 years, and I like seeing that progress.

Air Conflicts brings straight up arcade combat with heart.  Secret Wars brings something unique, interesting and also missing to gaming.  Sure the ground troops look like stick figures and terrain is less than inspiring, but great care was put into the metal birds your flying and and the actual mechanics of the game, which trumps everything else.

Flying is fun and rewarding, and besides the great story of Air Conflicts, taking to the air is just more cream on the pie.  Different planes have different manoeuvrability, firepower and a different feel to them. Each one is unique and many missions require the use of different types of planes.

Finding the right plane for the right mission is crucial to you success. Eff this one up and your done for.  While there is a “recommendation” as to what plane you should take out before each mission, you can usually choose something different based on what the mission actually involves.  And while flying there are view point options, you can have a cockpit view, 3rd plane (person) type of view, or a view of only the sky and your cross-hairs. I always choose the 3rd person view unless I really needed to hone in on something.

With so many games out there today all begging for our attention I’m damn glad I found Air Conflicts Secret Wars.  The story is refreshing and a believable and the actual combat is a blast.  If you’re looking for a great game that will offer something special to your gaming collection pick up Air Conflicts Secret Wars, you won’t regret it.

Story — 10 / 10

A young female pilot doing her part on the European front against the Nazis.  She is kicking ass and taking names while trying to find out the man, myth and legend that was her father, a WWI fighter pilot hero.

Graphics — 7 / 10

The planes look amazing and from far off so does everything else.  Infantry and all ground visuals (troops, trees, buildings) are by far the weak link here.

Sound — 8 / 10

While the music and voice acting is believable and compelling there is a certain umph missing from firefights.

Game Play — 9.5 / 10

Once mastered flying is an epic good time.  Everything runs at a high FPS on max settings and is silky smoooooooth.

Fun Factor 10 / 10

I never thought I could have this much fun playing an arcade flight combat game.  Once the learning curve is masted (few hours) flying is an absolute blast.


Replay Value: On a rainy day I’d bust out a few missions.


Total Score — 89 %

Air Conflicts Secret Wars is $29.99 through Steam.

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