Competition Time, Europe vs US in CS: GO

It’s coming

Counter Strike: GO is on the horizon, as in early next year.  And I can picture myself spending literally hundreds of hours with CS: GO in the years that follow.  Take out the trash?  No, get a quick round of GO in.  Do dishes?  Hell no, it’s GO time!  Walk the dog?  Don’t think so, time to AWP some fools.  Rant done.  In the video below you’ll be able to watch (if you can handle it) a whole hour of CS: GO where 2 teams face off head to head.  The US vs the European Team.  It’s an epic battle and more importantly than the annoying as hell announcers, you’ll get to peak at what GO has to offer.  Dust 2? Yes please!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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