Logitech launches Mouse and Keyboard for Call of Duty MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is almost here and because of this, the brands are preparing their products for war.

Logitech designed a Mouse and a Keyboard especially for MW3.

The Mouse is called G9X and It has a MW3 logo on it. (Wohoo, awesome!).
This mouse features a laser sensor that lets you go from 200DPI to 5700DPI ,a Weight-tuning system, a precision scroll wheel with 4 directions, Custom color LED display , Interchangeable Grips and more…

It costs USD 99.99, and it’s available for pre-order now.
If you are interested on this product, check it out! 

To make sure that your experience in MW3 is complete, Logitech also designed a Keyboard wich is called G105.

This keyboard features 6 Programmable G-Keys, Instant media access, Multi-key Input, and a a Night-Vision system to make sure that you won’t stay in the dark for long.

It cost USD79.99 and, unlike the mouse, this keyboard is completely available now.
If you are interested in this product, check it out! 

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