Nuclear Dawn PC Review

Built with the Source Engine Nuclear Dawn looks like a Valve game.  It even plays like a Valve game, and that’s not necessary a bad thing.  But guess what, it’s not a Valve game.  Reviewing Nuclear Dawn is a review of a Multiplayer only Game.  So there is no story, and other aspects of a standard review are not going to be present either. Here is my Review of Nuclear Dawn for the PC.

Graphics — 7 / 10

Standard Source Engine Graphics.  Nothing too fancy.  While it may be sad that graphics as solid as these are just getting an “average” rating, have no doubt they are solid.  I never thought while Playing Nuclear Dawn “damn these graphics suck” they don’t.  There just not special or unique in any way what-so-ever. One definitive advantage to having these Source Engine graphics is that the game focuses on gameplay, and it delivers smooth game play on all fronts.

Another positive and a bit of praise I will offer is that the game will easily run on most all Computers out there today, and will run at a consistent 60 FPS.

Sound — 6 / 10

Again nothing special here.  Standard battle sounds, machine guns, sniper rifles, death moans, radio commands.  I guess it is nice to hear a female voice over the radio from time to time.  Much better than Butch calling out an enemy I suppose. Weapons mostly sound weak, and OMFG if I have to hear “Your base is under attack” one more fucking time I’m gonna rip my ears off.

While the weapon sounds and battle sounds most likely were well researched and sound accurate to what type of weapon they were going after, they don’t do anything for me.  If I’ve got my sound cranked up and I’m getting my game on, I wanna “FEEL” the weapon I’m firing, I want it to feel like it has some real power, real killing power.

Fun Factor — 4 / 10

Truthfully, I found Nuclear Dawn as a game that offers noting new or interesting to the genre.  There are other games that are so similar and do it so much better, I can’t say I really had fun playing Nuclear Dawn.  However there were brief moments of fun, like when a commander actually knows what he’s doing and your team works together. But a team working together is not something that is all too common in most online games.

The one aspect of the game that I can see some people really getting into is the commander role.  This is where the game “tries” to cross the ordinary line into unique and falls short.  This commander role combines RTS with the FPS shooter that is Nuclear Dawn.

Here is what the RTS Commander actually does, ohh and there is 1 commander per side per match, so good luck being that one commander.

“Produce structures, research advanced technologies, unleash devastating strikes on the enemy, and lead your team to victory as a RTS commander.”

Deep Thoughts:

Nuclear Dawn does not pretend to be a front runner in the saturated FPS market, and this is possibly why they’ve priced their game at $24.99 through Steam.  I personally feel that in this day and age of video games if something is going to hold my attention for more than a few hours, it needs to be unique and compelling.  Nuclear Dawn is not that.  It is a Red vs. Blue spin off of TF2, which is free to play by the way.

The game had a unique idea, combining RTS and FPS, but does this interesting idea for a Multiplayer only game work, no.  As of now the servers are also a bit lonely.  Last night when I played the game there were only 5 or so servers with 10 or more people on them. And mostly that is for a good reason.  Nuclear Dawn does not offer a fresh experience and is out done by FPS online multiplayer games 6 years older.

Total Score: _______________________________________________________ 56%

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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John Ferato
John Ferato

Seems to me you have no idea what this game is about, you talk about it being something nothing new but it actually is. Maybe you should try the tutorials or play on a decent server with players that care about the game. What is so unique about it, is that each class, each weapon and each structure has its uniqueness and it combines the fun of Battlefield with a commander that plays in the style of Red Alert. And yes the servers might not be all full but if people dont at least give it a chance, than there will never be anything new that can work than BF or COD.


I have and did praise it for combining RTS and FPS elements. But just because a game has unique idea, does not mean it can actually pull it off. I did the tutorials, they didn't really help, a different type of a tutorial with "bots" and on-screen instructions is something that actually could have been helpful, rather than a few video clips. And this game certainly is nothing new in terms of look/game-play/feel, it plays and looks like a 6 year Valve Game. But sadly it's not a Valve game. And yes I'm all for trying something new. But Nuclear Dawn makes me realize that there are already games out there for FREE that are quite similar and offer a better time and a better gaming experience. Sorry man but the truth hurts sometimes. If a game is golden people will recognize it and it will take off, but a dud is a dud.