Payday The Heist PC Review

Brief glimpses of fun, 5 year old graphics, standard and boring gun play and 1/2 a grin on my face.  Here is my Payday the Heist PC Review.

If you’ve ever played LFD or LFD2 you’ll understand where the makers from the Heist got their source of inspiration from.  You and three of your buddies are up for a big payoff, and you can only get your doe after completing a dozen or so tasks and killing a few hundred cops along the way.

While I admire and respect police officers, remember that this is a game, going head to head with the police in order to get a Payday is not something I would recommend to anyone.  But since Payday the Heist offers this scenario in a virtual world, game on!

This one aspect, cops and robbers is something most of us have fantasized about some time in our lives.  So being able to live the dream for a few heists is in some ways a dream come true.  While your ultimate objective is to get your money, there are more than a few objectives you have to complete along the way.

These objectives are mostly interesting and unique to your particular heist. Teamwork is necessary when trying to pull off your heist.  While one player is doing a mission specific objective the other players need to be shooting it out with the Five O.

Sadly, while the concept is interesting and fun moments are sprinkled throughout Payday The Heist, the actual gun-play and character animations are a bit dull.  Not to mention there are no PC graphic to adjust (WTF).  The only thing you can do is adjust your resolution.

I wanted to love Payday The Heist, because of its interesting concept and potential to be a LFD rival, but sadly so many more games offer so much more.  I will sing some praise for Payday though, the developers knew it was not a $60 game and should not be priced as such, Payday is only $19.99 through Steam.  Here is the break down:

Graphics — 6 / 10

Things look dated in Payday, nothing will make you go ohh or wow at all.  The lower graphic quality of Payday does lend itself to high FPS though.

Sound — 7 / 10

Character sounds are interesting, and you’ll sometimes hear them spouting off at the mouth for one reason or another, other than that sound is meh.

Game-Play — 7 / 10

Payday feels like a shooter 5 or more years old, aiming and taking down cops can be satisfying, but nothing new here.

Fun Factor — 9 / 10

There are thrills be be had with The Heist, but will it stay installed on my computer for more than another few weeks, probably not.

Another thing that is unique about Payday is the random enemy spawns and objectives being changed up a bit.  Add that with 3 buddies online and you’re sure to find some fun moments.

Total Score — 73 %

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