RO2 Game Update, Stats and Screenshots

I’ve put a bit of time into Red Orchestra 2.  According to Steam a measly 36.5 hours since its release.  And no… RO2 is not my full time job : )  But it is a damn hard game that pays off big when given the time it deserves after overcoming its intimidating learning curve. Red Orchestra 2 is simply amazing in my book.  Check out my review here.  In the face of some (some is modest) technical issues with RO2, gamers have been waiting for stats to work, reloading to have an animation every time and servers to not lag when there is 30 players on each side of the map.

I asked some questions of the guys at Tripwire and put together a wishlist for them.  They have responded to me.  Besides that they have also sent out a news release of the state of RO2 today and the direction it is heading for tomorrow.  Ohh, and I’ll scatter screenshots throughout this post for your viewing pleasure as well.  Enjoy.

As I mentioned I put up a wishlist for Tripwire HERE.  Here are my gripes and their responses.

Make it simple and easy to see which team is winning:  

yup, we’re kind of aware of this one. Thinking about how to address it! One of the issues is that the win conditions can get complex – objectives to cap/defend, reinforcements getting whittled down, possible lock-downs. The issue is already registered, though…

Display Deaths:
This was a conscious design decision a long time ago, to try and jog people out of the “stock” FPS mindset. In RO you WILL die 🙂 But it is requested…

Don’t force us to load next map while looking at previous games stats.
This is tricky. We have to have you loading the map, or you’ll end up being late joining the next round. As soon as you load the map, your AAR is reset for the new map. There’s probably a way to hold on to the “old” map stats, until you start playing the new, but could be complex. Basically, once the new map starts loading, everything from the old one is cleared down.

Why the delay when getting a kill or being killed?
Very simple – it is called “added tension”! And if you play relaxed realism, there is no delay anyway. Settings in Webadmin.

Fix the Profile Stats:
Fix currently in test, aiming for rollout shortly.

Why does a fucking 4? drop kill me?
LOL… ok, this is a “fine balance”. We don’t want fully-equipped soldiers leaping tall buildings, but we also don’t want the “silly” end. We’ll check it and see where this is really happening.
And about the Netcode….

Netcode: already some of the best around. There seems to be some blame about lag being pointed at the netcode. It isn’t the netcode – it is tending to be people trying to run 64 player servers on machines that can’t quite handle it, made worse by performance issues (most of which will be finished off in the next patch). The servers are stuttering, not an issue with the netcode.
As of Thursday (10-6) and Friday (10-7) there has been some major updates already.

Besides responding to my Wish List.  Tripwire sent out a Press Release about the state of the game.

Let me just give you the gems…

 To put it bluntly, the game had a rough launch. We’ve been working diligently since launch to get these issues sorted and have made great progress fixing issues with matchmaking, VOIP, and stability as well as improving performance. The final major area that we’ve been working on is stats, player progression and ranking.


For the next few weeks all players will earn double experience in Red Orchestra 2. This means if a player plays the game during the double experience period they will quickly get their experience up to where they would have been had these issues never existed. Additionally, we are going to give those playing the game during the double experience period a special achievement called “In B4 Reset”. Right now this is just an achievement, but we’re going to be looking at ways to give special rewards to the players that have this achievement in the future.

Thank you to all of the players that have made Red Orchestra 2 a hit so far. We’ve got a lot of exciting things in store with free content coming for the game so stay tuned over the coming weeks for more news on that front! 


Ohh hell yeah!  Hope you enjoyed, if you haven’t gotten RO2 it’s only $39.99 through Steam!  Get it and get owned, Nazi Style.  Now more screenshots.

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Airborne Gamer
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o.o that mp40 looks like a fucking rpg.. ( bazooka for the non hardcore gamers out there)


Yeah, big old update...Stats are working now thank god. Still a reload glitch that does not show the animation sometimes or won't let you reload unless you change position. Sill also come across the 1st round in a rifle misfiring (don't think that's supposed to happen). And when a lot of ppl get on a server it lags...But I know there working on all that.


It was a HUGEEE patch, 3.5 gb :P. Very nice changes also