So, there seems to be some Issues with RAGE on the PC

Carmack you smart lovely Bastard, how could you spend years and years working on the little brain child you called RAGE and let this happen.  Coming off like a Game Development Noob.  Here is the know list of issues at the moment and the STEAM Forum Thread for all RAGE heads to voice their concern.


  1. No Custom settings for Video Cards
  2. No Console command Read here to enable the console key:….php?t=2154191 & via config file here…7&postcount=89
  3. No Vsync options – Results in screen tearing – Forcing Vsync causes the game to crash the drivers and game(AMD)
  4. Unable to skip intros??? To disable the intro videos put this “+set com_skipIntroVideo 1” in the launch options of Rage Via Steam.
  5. Mouse acceleration?
  6. Can’t use Crossfire or SLI..
  7. Bad FoV for PC’s – Short-term solution: FOV adjustment howto


  1. Texture Streaming is bad and slow resulting in always reloading the same textures thus causing the textures popping in effect –
  2. Missing/blinking textures…
  3. Game crashes when exiting the Arc.
  4. LoD issues(popins dispersing items)
  5. Crashing after intro video
  6. Audio stuttering and not blending properly.
  7. Occasional Artifacts appearing-…0322215294.jpg
  8. Low Frame rates with occasional fps spikes
  9. Loading saves causes videocard drivers to crash…
  10. Game Fails to start with error code #51.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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