The Source Engine and Valve Open Mouth Kiss

The Source Engine is something that Valve created that can provide developers with the tools necessary to create great looking games that can run on most everyone’s computers at a high FPS (Frames Per Second).  While Source Engine made games do not sparkle like some other games made with a different Engine, Valve can boast that more computers/gamers can play more of their games while enjoying what they see and how the game plays.  Here are some highlights and a little insight from Valve about their Source Engine and their plans for the future from GamingLives.

You’ve had the Source engine around for quite some time now, how difficult is it to come back and keep adding more to the engine and making sure it can keep up with the games of today?

That’s just the way we work with that engine, we’ve just update it not just replace it, and some point we may say there’s Source 2 or whatever, but really for us there’s been a pretty easy way to keep it and understanding the tools. When you replace an engine you’re replacing the tools and the way that people work, there’s an expense in man hours and people learning and people getting up on it right.


We’ve seen multiple game modes mentioned, can you go into any more detail on those? When we played we had the classic bomb defusal…

Yeah, you have the bomb planting, and there’s two overall modes that encompass everything, and you were playing casual or social mode, and that means friendly fire’s off.  You can buy all the weapons you want because you have unlimited cash at the beginning, and it kind of just lets you get in and play around with stuff, like we do a lot of gaming at Valve, and do a lot of talking about our families when we’re gaming, and it’s that kind of environment. Then we have the competitive side where the friendly fire’s on, you’re being matched based on your ranking or your clan’s ranking, and those are the two overriding different ways to play. Then you were playing the classic demolition, the bomb planting, then we have two maps of hostage rescue, admittedly in office, then we have eight maps of arsenal mode. So there’s Arsenal Demolition, which is really tight, compact bomb planting maps and it’s a team based arsenal mode, then there’s Arms Races, which is the classic gun game and every kill gets you a new weapon and you work your way up to the higher rounds.


It’s a lot easier to be iterative on the PC because we can update, the other stuff we’ll see; we’ve done user-created mutations on both PC and 360. We wish we could update on other platforms as much as we wanted, but that’s not the way things work so we’ll have to keep working with them.

I am so looking forward to CS:GO!

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