CS:Global Offense – Postponed Beta

After the announcement in September, the fans of CS found out that the beta would begin in October of this year. Well, sadly Valve announced that the Beta period has been postponed.
According to Chet Faliszek – A writer from Valve – , The feedback they received from the professional players made them pay attention to some details that should be fixed before releasing the game.

Once corrected, the Beta version of the game will be available for around 10.000 CS players, with a couple of maps, and the new technology shared with DotA 2.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be released early on 2012, on Playstation Network, Xbox LIVE and of course, Steam.

Banana phone, dubidubidu

I am just happy they made the choice to postpone. I hate games that get released and then update after update come out. to the point where you go to play online and you have to seach out a damn update to download. Remember the orignal CS days? "your using version and you need to play on this server" gawd that was gay sauce.


Yeah, I have full faith in Valve and their mystical Game Development ways.


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