Humble Voxatron Bundle – The sixth Humble Bundle

Unlike the previous releases, the sixth Humble Bundle will include only one game: Voxatron, a game that combines a shooter game and a platform game in a design with pixels and voxels.

Voxatron will alow the player to create and share levels with the community, and it will be constatly updated, with a single payment of $15 USD. This money will be shared between the developments (Lexaloffle Games) and two charity foundations.

The Humble Voxatron is now available and it will last another 14 days.
22.000 Bundles have been sold, and there’s still a lot of bundles left.

The Humble Bundle has been going on for 6 months, a period during which it has collected $7 Million dollars in benefit of the independent development houses and charity.
The goal of these bundles is to promote the independent development of games.

Get your own Humble Voxatron Bundle here! 

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