Airborne Gamer is 2 – Video Game Website Reflection Time

Ahh, we’ve just been walking for a short while, started to mumble some words and form a few sentences.  Two years ago today (3-7-10) I decided to break away from another site I was working on and start up my own gaming website, and let me say this…

It really has been quite a jolly good old time overall!  And I have learned a lot along the way.  Pop-a-squat around the virtual campfire and let me share a few illusions I had starting out and the reality of this website gaming stuff.  As well as some other mildly interesting stuff.

Money, what’s that?  Really and truly I though after a year or so I would be able to easily make a few hundred if not thousand dollars a month from my site, lol.  Funny right?  Well that is far from the truth.  Starting off two years ago we were getting around 20-50 page views a day.  Then I had an article published on Slashdot and we had 1000 visitors in one day, OMFG!  Lol, funny again right?  Stop laughing at me would ya?!?  Meanie.

So now, without any outside sources sending us traffic and just based on return visitors and Googlers mostly we get around 1500-2000 page views a day.  If I feel motivated and get an article published on N4G or Reddit then that might jump up another 1000 or so, but defiantly not a traffic source to rely on.  Ohh and am I swimming in the doe?  Lol, again with the laughing, why?

Currently at the traffic levels we’re at we’re only able to pay hosting fees and put up a giveaway weekly!  So yes, I am saying having my own gaming website is not a money maker, ohh well.  That’s not why I’m here.  I’m here because I love gaming.  If I didn’t love gaming and was just in this for fame and glory, I would have peaced out long ago.  I don’t care that I’ve probably spent thousands of hours working and writing here, I just like it.  I like games and I like writing and being creative and being able to say fuck from time to time on the netz as well.

Over the past two years I’ve become bored with our theme, changed it, then changed it back.  I’ve tried other advertising solutions (which blow) and haven’t had much success with them.  So basically I’ve stuck with Google Adsense.  They are the fastest (as far as not lagging page loading time) and at least pay a decent amount most of the time per click.

Our Steam Group specifically in the past 5 months or so has grown quite a bit, and mostly thanks to SteamGifts.  They are so sweet and I love their babies.  They have helped our SteamGroup grow to over 1500 members!  Yeah!

Our Facebook fan page is also doing quite well with close to 700 likes.  But this is mostly because we asked you guys to like us in order to be eligible for a game giveaway.  Bribes or smart marketing?  Lol, I’ll let you decide.

Twitter, yeah I really don’t care for twitter, so suck it.

So I’m kinda going blank now, so I had a great year everyone!  Hope there are many more to come!  Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to hurl virtual feces at me, either way, game on!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
Gaming is my medicine and writing is my drug. Is it making sense now? "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!"

Happy Birthday! This group had been so generous with all its steam gifts and I would like to personally thank you for the time and money you put into this group :) You are a great person for creating such a group and I hope for the best of years to come.

Jacob NotDanh
Jacob NotDanh

Hmm, no comments. The game giveaways do seem to be a major traffic source for this blog. Good luck in the future, and happy two year ann.