EA – The Evil Empire

Recently I have come to the conclusion that EA (Electronic Arts Inc.) is basically evil and I hope they choke on a monkey turd very shortly.  While I know that “EA” is not a person, I am referring to the manner in which EA is run, so basically the chairman and CEO.


So I say this to you, Lawrence F. Probst III and John Riccitiello, FUCK YOU!  If you knew what it was to be a game in the slightest your company would be run in an entirely different manner.  If you weren’t a bunch of money grubbin’ baby killers you might have a shot at not being complete and utter fags.

What has really got my panties all in a twist you might ask?  Well basically this, this, this and not this.  But, let me explain…

I really got pissed when I found out that Battlefield 3 was not coming to Steam.  Yes this is a Digital Distribution Argument for consumer choice.  I have over 100 games on Steam.  I’ve been with them since way back.  I love Gabe, need I say more?

So when a company comes along making good games and will not allow me to add them to my Steam library (Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3) I get annoyed.  And the thing that really pisses me off is that the only reason EA is doing this is for money…

They could literally give 2 shits about gamers.  They could care less for the gaming community or even my own site here.  They care about money.  I’m not saying that’s entirely wrong, but their priorities are all fucked up at the moment.

And when I found out that EA was not releasing ME3 on Steam, I blew my top.  Fuck you EA for being a selfish company and not caring about your customers, and Fuck you Lawrence F. Probst III and John Riccitiello for not caring about the industry we all have grown to love.


PS: I’m know there are many great people working at EA, this is a bash against their business practices and upper management at EA, no one else.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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Adam Shipowick
Adam Shipowick

Sir Nick, ME3 is not available through, in or around Steam.

Nick C
Nick C

this whole rant it retarded as my friend got his ME3 to play through steam.