6 Good and Bad Lego Video Games

6 Good and Bad Lego Video Games

Traveller’s Tales is known for taking movie sagas and turning them into awesome Lego video games.  They have several under their belts and have another one coming out soon.  With Lego Lord of the Rings releasing this October sometime (Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy all have different dates) I thought maybe we should look at some other Lego Franchise games.  These are in order from worst to best.

Lightsabre duel

6) Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Now before anyone gives me grief for dissing the Holy Trilogy, let me say I am a Star Wars fan; I have seen all the movies and own them all.  However, as a Lego game, it sucks.  I can’t say the controls were confusing since for the most part they were the same as previous Lego games but I got stuck so much that I never did finish any levels, well maybe one.  I even looked online for how to beat some of the places I got stuck, but they didn’t help and I finally gave up.



The confusing hub

5) Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – There are some times when sequels or additions to games should just be left alone.  This was one of those.  TT Games should have just forgone creating a new Indiana Jones Lego game when the Crystal Skull released.  The changes to the hub were so confusing, I had trouble figuring out what was where.  I did play the new move levels, and they were interesting, but again they were confusing which was frustrating.  It only took a short time before I stopped playing this one and gave up.


Gotta time it just right

4) Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – This was the first Lego game I played.  Perhaps it’s unfair that all the others have been compared to this one but that’s what happens when you come in partway through a franchise.  I know this is where the co-op changed on the screen but since I never play co-op I can’t really say much.  Despite the easy controls, at first I was confused by the 3D world with 2D play.  Eventually I got used to it.  At one point I got bored and stopped playing for a while, but eventually returned because I understood the point of the mailboxes better and wanted to complete the game.  I THINK I did, if not I came extremely close.

What a creepy hallway

3) Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – This Harry Potter Lego game would have tied for first with Years 1-4 if it were not for one problem, I could not get one of the Slytherin crests to complete the game.  I tried SOOO many times to do it but the stupid Dementors kept catching me.  I did love how the game followed the movies closely, even if there were characters in the game which were not in certain scenes in the book.  Besides my issue with the Dementors and Slytherin crest, I didn’t like the fact that I started the game with no real spell knowledge.  I get why TT Games did it, because if you started with all the spells you would beat the game too quick.  However, it was frustrating to start at the beginning.

X marks the spot

2) Pirates of the Caribbean – Gee a game with Pirates in it, who would think that I wouldn’t play that?  Well of course I did (my console gamertag is PyrateGirl after all).  When I got this game I hadn’t seen the fourth movie yet (and even though I have it DVR’d I still haven’t) but I enjoyed the game anyhow.  It was interesting to see what would happen in the movie and how that might translate in the game.  There were some levels where I couldn’t figure out the hidden things, even with the “cheats” on, but I had fun playing as Jack (who I always made sure I was unless I had to be another character).  This was the second Lego game I completed and the difference with the hub having its own little tasks (and gold bricks as well) and using the compass with Jack to find lost and needed items  gave it a different flavor than previous Lego games.


1) Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – Since I am such a huge Harry Potter fan (is my dirty secret out now?) I was extremely glad to see this release.  Of course at the time six of the movies had been made and the seventh was in production or shooting or something like that.  I knew there would have to be a second game later on and since I had enjoyed the Indiana Jones Original Adventures game, I knew I would like this one as well.  I actually loved this one.  Using magic was definitely different than walking around picking everything up.  Years 1-4 were similar enough that I didn’t need a lot of tutorial while being different enough to keep me interested.  It was the first Lego game I completed.


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Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer moderator

I have never played a lego game. But I can see them having a certain amount of fun to them.

SilkBD moderator

I never did understand the point of lego video games.  I mean, they have intentionally shitty graphics like minecraft but without the amazing gameplay.


@SilkBD Lego games are very well done, the individual developers generally do a great job of porting the universe into the framework of lego games - and they tend to be unique, but are usually linked together by mechanics.

The cinematics are also hilarious to watch, as in most cases, death scenes have to be made more appropriate to a children's audience, (along with a lack of dialogue) but do their best to substitute appropriate context and expressive body language evoking Chaplain's silent slapstick.