Sick Of WoW? Rift Boring you? Yawning At Tera?

Sick Of WoW? Rift Boring you? Yawning At Tera?

This next two weeks worth of poison?

Being Mortal. A friendly aptly titled it as “Eve meets Mount & Blade” – or was it I that said it? – The mix between the two might make you take a step back, which I can understand. Ship to ship warfare and sword swinging sounds like a pretty terrible combination.


Back on track. It’s a fantasy MMO developed by StarVault. They are independent, however they have a board, shareholders, and stocks which bring that up to contention. They are free from publishers demons, however, and they are making the game they want. That’s independent if you ask me. It’s set in a fictional world, with a couple of races, and each race has “clades” – they act as family histories and can skew your character’s attributes to more physical, dextrous, intelligence, and even size and shape. They don’t change your “starting” areas, because more accurately, there aren’t any. There are no classes to speak of, no abilities, and no quests.

You might be asking me, “BUT WHERE’S THE FUN?” and I tell you – where you choose to find it. This game is completely open, with trade, taming, hunting, fighting, blacksmithing, cooking, tanning, crafting and even clothes making are all very viable sources of fun. The closest thing to a class system is the Skills system. Every character begins with having 600 unassigned skills – this sounds like an insane amount – but when taming, swimming, running, sword fighting, combat moving, axe fighting, horse riding, mining, shield crafting, round shield crafting, kite shield crafting, sword blade crafting, sword handle crafting…

It’s a long list. They all increase Oblivion style, the more you use, the higher they become. There is no XP, no levels, and no classes. Sick of the same old formula?

Oh, and for all of you Tera fanboys(and girls), this is a real “Action Combat System.” Ever played Mount & Blade? That’s how this works. For those who haven’t, let me lay it down for you. To swing your sword, you press left click. If you want to swing from left to right, take a step to the left as you swing, inverse applies to. You can stab by pressing alt+left click. Blocking works in the same way, with swords, and shields too. Bigger shields might cover a larger area, but they are really heavy, and they take a lot to bring up. After 1 hour of woodcutting to train my strength, with my starter rags and starter sword, I set out to be a hero.

I didn’t make it.

Then I had a go at crafting a shield. A simple round shield. I could only use Spongewood as I didn’t have an understanding of Dapplewood, and I could only make round shields, and of one type of wood – I couldn’t mix and match. That was 2 hours of work, but now I can make one in 6 minutes flat.

This is not a friendly game, it is unforgiving in more ways then Eve Online is. With a lot less help, it is still in heavy development (hand in hand with Epic Games, as it’s built on the Unreal 3 engine), and you can’t find a stupendously useful fan wiki – they are still under construction. The new upcoming expansion should really iron out a lot of kinks, so if you are like me and hate today’s MMO’s.

Add me on MO. I’ll give you a free shield.



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Sometimes the more challenging and less user freindly games are real gems.  Also, it sounds like you can GTL in this game, time to bronze up!


MORTAL? Lol this is the crapiest MMO ever. Its so bad its almost a scam.

Darkfall ids 100 times better than this while still shitty.