The Return of a Joke

The Return of a Joke

I have always been a marvel comics fan since I was a kid. Sure I still loved Batman and Superman based on the various movies and cartoon shows that were released at the time but I never truly followed the source material until recently.

DC’s new 52 has given me a chance to start fresh. Everything being reset back to the “beginning” since last year has made it a lot easier to stay in the loop with current story arcs rather than trying to piece together various on going stories as you would have to with other comicbook franchises.

Needless to say the story arc I have been waiting for has finally commenced. Death in the Family (Batman 13) , Joker’s return after having is face cut off by Dollmaker, at his own request no less, and presumed dead.  But come now. Do you really believe Batman’s arch nemesis would really be dead? Who stays dead in comics now a days anyways! Enjoying vacation time at best!

The clown prince of Gotham is back and ready to continue to deliver some brain DEAD jokes that will leave you in a body bag (literally).

Now since I grew up watching the 90’s Batman animated series, I have a nasty (which is actually quite awesome) habit of always reading Joker’s dialogue in comics with Mark Hamill’s voice. I thoroughly enjoyed issue 13 as Joker went about his merry way spreading is “snappy” jokes in the police station as he went about to collect what’s his. (Joker’s face had been kept in the police station as evidence and yes Harely had stolen it before but they got it back!)

So of course it was up to the Bats to figure it all out! Why is he back!? What’s his next move!? Where will he strike!? When will he strike next!? Who will he strike next!? ( I had to finish the five W ya know?) And how will he do it?

Of course I won’t spoil more than I have said already, BUT I highly recommend picking up Batman 13 to find out everything! You won’t regret it!

By the way, anyone want to hear a “knock knock” joke?

– Requiem

I have been a gamer and artist since the age of 3. I love playing all sorts of games (except sports games) on a variety of mediums but as of late find that the PC is my one true gaming preference. Art wise, I have grown up on watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and various 90s cartoons like Spiderman and X-Men that inspired me to draw. As of late it has been my passion to become a real success in art and have it recognized around the world! (Or at least in the states lol)