Bundling The Presents Together

Bundling The Presents Together

The Indie Royale bundle is back, baby! With more firepower then you can shoot at, this one will blow you away harder then your uncle’s breath.

For the initiated to us (ehem, losers) the Royale Bundle works very simplistically. There is a minimum buying price that increases with each purchase (minutely), and it’s weighted up or down by the price have chosen to pay. You pay over a certain threshold, you get freebies. You are one of the top contributors? You get some really cool gear. In this case, there is no prize for the top contributor – except helping the industry along. Here’s a shmideo:

The really outstanding games of this bundle is Serious Sam Double D simply because of the Gunstacker. Why fire one gun in each hand when you can literally stack dozens of guns on top of one another – and tape the triggers down!? it’s really no choice at all – but not everyone is mister run and gun, and if you like it cool check out Colour Blind – which I had the pleasure of checking out previously. The rest of the bundle boasts, Offspring Fling, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Puzzle Bots, and Little Kingdom. The bundle also includes the debut game from the multi-talented artist Namiko Kitaura, with the $8 bonus being  Rhythm’n’Bits Album.


What more do you need? A russian metoerite?


That was an in-joke from us bundlers.



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