The Future Of Gaming?

The Future Of Gaming?

Splice just launched on the Android through Google Play, a lot of indie studios are making or breaking in the Android/Apple handheld market, and I too recently begun to play some great games on my iPhone.


It prompted a very concerning question, at the very core of this industry. With Singleplayer on the decline, Day 1 DLC’s and expansion packs for multiplayer almost the norm – it’s no surprise really when you think were games are going – in your pocket. I would say ‘Long Gone are the days when you could spend 10 hours a day gaming away’ but the truth is for anyone aside from unemployed teenagers, those days never were. I’m hardly settled into a career with a family, and by gum do I find it hard finding a few hours to camp Cherno most nights of the week!

With all that in mind, it’s only evident that the future of gaming is handheld, portable, and consumable. With the Android market and the iTunes Store, you don’t even have to get off the train on the way to work to get a new game! Play another game while that one installs, and you have another couple of hours of entertainment at your finger tips. There are those of us who love spending 48 hours straight grinding that hero, but the reality is almost no market shareholder can afford that time anymore!

How simple would an RPG be that was in time with you? When you went to work, your character worked, when you went out for a drink, so did he. When you had a quiet night in with the family, so did he. When you’ve got a few hours to kill and feel like exploring the local cave, he grabs his sword.

It’s patented. Don’t even think about it.


Designer lead right here? I think so.


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Airborne Gamer
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Lol, good points man!  Gaming is evolving for sure :)