nVidia Unveils Elite Handheld Gaming System… Project Shield

nVidia Unveils Elite Handheld Gaming System… Project Shield

The holonet is buzzing with nVidia‘s Project Shield since its announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show.

In a sentence:

Project Shield is a portable game system built on Android OS, packaged in a full size xbox’esque controller that will play Assassin’s Creed III.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Enclosure looks like an old school large XBox “mark 1” controller
  • 5″ multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 (720p retinal display, 294ppi pixel density)
  • Running the latest flavor of Android OS (Jelly Bean at the moment) on a quad-core Tegra 4 processor
    • Custom 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU
    • Quad-core A15 CPU
  • Runs Valve’s Steam game service in Big Picture mode
  • Can output to your TV via HDMI
  • Has a micro-SD card expansion
  • Can stream games and video from your PC wirelessly
  • 5-10 hours of gaming and 24 hours of HD viewing from 38-watt rechargeable lithium ion batteries

The Shield is set to release in Q2 2013, but no price has been released yet.


Adam Colon
Adam Colon
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