What does Crysis 3 Have in store?

What does Crysis 3 Have in store?

24 years after Crysis 2 ends, Crysis 3 begins. In this futuristic world, the gamer is plunged into 2047 New York, where the concrete jungle has been transformed into a tropical jungle.

Game-makers Crytek, say the latest edition of the Crysis series will close out the shooter trilogy, and it intends to go out with a bang. One of the sci-fi superguns fires a phenomenal 500 rounds a second – or 30,000 a minute – that’s if you weren’t forced to reload after every other squeeze of the trigger.

Although this third installment doesn’t come across as a great feat of imagination from Crytek, there is a sense of consistent progression that helps the game to move on whilst allowing the gamer to be familiar with whatever surroundings they are plunged into.

The nanosuited prophet returns from the dead, seeking revenge on CELL for sealing New York under a dome as the evil forces continue their quest for world domination. Beginning the game in a CELL facility, the prophet escapes and ends up in New York’s Liberty Dome, originally installed to capture Ceph and cleanse their presence with accelerated biological growth.

crysis 3 wallpaperIt’s that growth that has allowed nature to reclaim 2047 New York, which is recognizable despite the overlaying jungle. CryEngine 3 provides impressive graphics, especially noticeable when sunrays break through the dense vegetation and create detailed shadows on the ever-changing landscape floor.

Within this vegetation, the prophet – covered in his nanosuit cloak – begins his campaign for revenge, knifing Stalker Ceph in the gaps in his armor having stealthily observed his enemy.

Shooting from stealth is also encouraged, and the prophet’s new bow enables the gamer to use optional extras to create their perfect weapon. The slick, easily-portable bow comes with a variety of arrows – explosive, pointy and electro heads complete the prophet’s nanoquiver. Using the bow in stealth mode has its advantages, the prophet can silently kill enemies, and making sure you fall under the radar of any watching foes.

Other weapons include a heavy mortar called the highpoly, stolen from alien enemies along with an array of heavy-metal yet high-tec weapons that aim to cause ultimate destruction.

In terms of enemies, you will have to be very aware of the small Scorcher Cephs who have an uncanny ability to creep up before turning into horrific flamethrowers. Drone’s, which appear to react to movement, strip off your stealth cloak and can leave you exceptionally vulnerable to any enemy, should also be looked out for.

We will have to wait until mid February before being able to get our hands on this game properly, but given the success of Crysis 2 and the incredibly talented team Crytek have built, there is definitely reason for optimism.

A lack of imagination might leave the final part of the trilogy exposed for criticism, but whether this will hinder gameplay is difficult to predict. Let’s not forget that early suggestions say that this game will surpass its predecessors, while challenging other first-person shooters like Bioshock and it looks like it could well be one of the great games, visually and technically.

But will it be the best one yet? We will have to wait and see.