Corporations Are Scared To Be Awesome

Corporations Are Scared To Be Awesome

To large corporations, innovation is scary.

Corporations exist to make profit. The profit potential of a new type of game with new ideas, gameplay and systems is low simply because the risk is high. Marketing the new concepts, lack of proof that the new elements are engaging if not entertaining, and blazing a new trail in development along with all it’s obstacles, pitfalls, and dead-ends… these are all elements that create high risk and lower the potential success level of innovative games.

cyberpunk-darkcityOn the other side of the coin, if we look games that have gameplay and concepts with proven record of success, that we have low risk and high potential for success. But now we have a new dilemma, making a game with nothing new stand out from the crowd.

That is the corporate mentality… do what we know is successful, and keep on doing it, milking as much profit as possible.cyberpunk-city

The realm of Independent Game Development is the polar opposite. Indie games start out as hobby projects by a small amount of individuals with new ideas. Innovation is the rule for an indie games because, quite frankly, indie developers don’t have the marketing ability or market clout to rehash old ideas with a different skin.

That’s the appeal of Indie games, they bring fresh ideas to an industry dominated by the same old shit. The exciting part is that we have services like kickstarter and indiegogo that allow the common gamer to help fund new indie projects.

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Adam Colon
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