Copy Paste, all day errday!


This is all that Splice is about, but in a simple and elegant way. No, I am not talking about plagiarism – I’m talking about splicing. This is the kind of cut/copy/paste of genetic material allows you to influence an organism’s genetic material. Splicing is the method in which Genetic Engineering is achieved:

Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification, is the human manipulation of an organism’s genetic material.


Just ’cause not everyone’s a sky-en-tist. Moving back to the gaming aspect of Splice, it’s nothing short of a masterful piece of art. The game revolves around you Splicing strands into particular shapes, allowing you to progress – with each stage giving you a limited number of “Splices.” This adds to the flavour of the puzzle game, but it’s not just the mechanics that are elegant – everything about the game is polished and lovingly thoughout. The music sets the scene, as you move along the genetic sequence splicing strands – and each layer of the menu/strand/button you press moves you through this fluid that everything seems to take place in. I honestly imagine splicing to look exactly like this, but it’s a lovely experience through DNA and science in such a soft, careful, and delicate way.
If only inserting vectors was as easy, enjoyable, had nice music and wasn’t tedious – I might be in the lab a little more often. Instead, I’ll play this 8/10 love child of love, passion, and intelligent game design.


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