Bioshock Infinite: An Introduction to Violence

Bioshock Infinite: An Introduction to Violence

Bioshock Infinite is eye candy like no other AAA title game on the market.  It shines as a pinnacle of current video game development, story telling and action.

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Infinite does so many things right, and of the many gaming experiences I have ever had, the subtle and amazing introduction of violence in Infinite is the most memorable introduction to violence I have had in over 20 years of gaming.

Most games introduce violence or action at a very early stage of the game, getting the gamer familiar with combat controls and how to defeat their enemies.  With a little tutorial at the beginning and a short cut-scene,  and before you know it you will be fighting enemies in not time.  The world in the sky, Columbia offers quite a different take on the introduction of violence.

My heart was pounding in my chest for the first 30 minutes or so of Infinite, before a single drop of blood was shed.  Columbia, the city in the sky that Irrational Games created literally took my breath away.  I was so blow away by the jaw dropping visuals and stunning sights of Columbia, I literally walked through the city, soaking in everything I could at once, and I could not get enough.

During the first 30 minutes or so of Infinite, I could not help myself from getting wrapped up in this intriguing story of a man trying to pay off a debt, an amazing city in the sky and a beautiful innocent girl, Elizabeth.  Once I started to catch my breath a little bit and allowed my eyes to get used to this DX11 beauty I was actually seeing on my monitor, the fun really started.

I was given a choice, there was an interracial couple that was going to be punished  and I had a baseball, what to do?

The introduction of violence in Bioshock Infinite is like no other introduction to violence in a video game I have ever experienced, and not one I will forget anytime soon.  Infinite stole my heart from the first few minutes off the coast of Maine, to killing my first cop or meeting Elizabeth for the first time.  Infinite has me, and I am Booker DeWitt.

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