AirborneGamer Interviews Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson

AirborneGamer Interviews Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson

Hey everyone! I struggled a bit with how I should format my interview with Alan Wilson. I though of every possible way to lay things out and for the sake of getting everything to you I’ll just post the entire transcript. I know it may not be as polished as you’re used to reading but it shows the human side of everything really well. He is also really funny, and if i edited this down most if not all of that humor would be lost. With that being said here is Airbornegamer’s one-on-one with Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson:

[4:47:59 PM] Ryan Horniblow: ahhh hello Mr. Wilson

[4:58:19 PM] Alan Wilson: Hey

[4:58:28 PM] Ryan Horniblow: how are you today

[5:02:14 PM] Alan Wilson: Bloody busy… lol.  Just playing a little beta

[5:02:21 PM] Ryan Horniblow: ya i know the feeling.  When did you first hear of rising storm/ and why the pacific theatre?

[5:04:41 PM] Alan Wilson: We heard of it when we thought of it πŸ™‚  And the Pacific – because we fancied a change from the Eastern Front.  Didn’t want to do Europe – so went further East πŸ™‚

[5:06:27 PM] Ryan Horniblow: Will Rising storm benefit from user made additions such as maps?

[5:06:38 PM] Alan Wilson: Oh, we do hope so.  SDK is completely free as always

[5:07:33 PM] Ryan Horniblow: when will we be able to see tanks on the battlefield?

[5:07:41 PM] Alan Wilson: That’s a tricky one.  Don’t know.  We’d like to do it, but the Pacific wasn’t much of a tank-on-tank theater

[5:08:49 PM] Ryan Horniblow: this is true (and on a side note im asking a lot of question that have been popping up on the forums
and such not exactly my own personal ones)
 so if i seem like a complete tool that’s why lol πŸ˜›

[5:09:47 PM] Alan Wilson: That’s your excuse πŸ˜›

[5:10:19 PM] Ryan Horniblow: now there has been an uproar on the way beta keys were given out, such as RO2 members feeling they should have been given priority or that keys should have been given out more discreetly how do you respond to this?  And shush you lmao this is hard enough asking questions to a man you have reverence for

[5:12:27 PM] Alan Wilson: lol.  The invite beta was tricky – we only wanted to ramp up slowly, small numbers.  All the existing RO2 players, or even the In B4 Reset players, would be way too many. We wanted to be able to fill 2-3 servers πŸ™‚

So we thought we’d get some (cheap) publicity out of it (small marketing budget!) and get some sites to give us some press for free. A lot of previous testers and clanners got direct invites – but we don’t really have any way to catch everyone.   No way to find out who is playing lots of the game – Valve will never share anything even remotely personal from Steam.

So we have to go by those we can see as being active – forums, people we know on Steam, RO Ladder etc.

[5:15:13 PM] Ryan Horniblow: great answer thanks.  Another large point of concern is historical accuracy in the game, would it be safe to say that at times history was altered for the benefit of making the game more balanced? Type 100’s on Guadalcanal and large numbers of the Garand seem to be a big concern.

[5:19:59 PM] Alan Wilson: Yeah, that is always really hard.  If we were perfectly historically accurate, the Japs would need to take 98% casualties, and lose all the time πŸ™‚

[5:20:33 PM] Ryan Horniblow: ahahahahaha

[5:20:54 PM] Alan Wilson: We try not to push it too far – but nothing is going to be “perfect” in that regard.  Ultimately, if Server admins want to change stuff around some, they can

[5:22:07 PM] Ryan Horniblow: When will the next stage of the beta roll out and will the current testers for the beta continue to have access to it?

[5:22:25 PM] Alan Wilson: Very soon – and yes.  Pre-purchase starts “very soon” – and everyone pre-purchasing gets access

[5:24:53 PM] Ryan Horniblow: It seems like now there is more of a cult sensation between the two sides, with testers calling themselves “Japanese players” or “American players” do you think this would be beneficial in adding to the competition or will it create a divide between the two sides.  For example i rarely play as American

[5:25:57 PM] Alan Wilson: I hadn’t seen that yet – that’ll be really fun to see develop.  I think an element of divide between the two sides, driving in-game competitiveness, could be great – so long as people don’t start getting nasty about it πŸ™‚  But our communities don’t tend to, happily!

[5:28:01 PM] Ryan Horniblow: Now ( i do not feel this way) players are somewhat surprised by the level of what could be called “racism” in the game, such as the use of the word yellow and nip, how do you defend this

[5:28:38 PM] Alan Wilson: Just as we did in RO2, we are aiming to use the terminology that was “appropriate” for the time.  Funnily enough, I’m just reading a book on “race hatred” in the Pacific campaign.

It WAS really vicious and nasty.  We don’t want to reflect all of that – but, being as “authentic” as possible, we need to try to capture some of the feel of the period.   And the views from both sides were NOT complimentary to each other!

[5:30:32 PM] Ryan Horniblow: aha i agree with you 100% i think it adds to the game, but there will always be someone who is butthurt.  Have you been keeping anything secret from us that will be a surprise upon release?

[5:31:25 PM] Alan Wilson: Well, if you are feeling very PG, the way they thought about each other was NOT PG.  Just like the dialogue for Russians and Germans in RO2.  Errr… no, I think pretty much everything is there for people to see now.  People are basically playing the game in the beta – hard to hide stuff πŸ™‚

[5:32:22 PM] Ryan Horniblow: had to ask πŸ™‚

[5:32:33 PM] Alan Wilson: No worries

[5:32:50 PM] Ryan Horniblow: A year from now where do you see the game and where would you like to see it.

[5:33:06 PM] Alan Wilson: More content from us and from the community, naturally.  A good size player base, playing both older RO2 elements and the newer RS parts.  And yes, we can already see the drive to combine Germans and Americans for a European fight πŸ™‚

[5:34:22 PM] Ryan Horniblow: WAIT

[5:34:26 PM] Alan Wilson: See how long it takes the community to get those maps going

[5:34:27 PM] Ryan Horniblow: DID I HEAR DARKEST HOUR?

[5:34:30 PM] Alan Wilson: LOL

[5:34:39 PM] Ryan Horniblow: you said it not me ahaha

[5:34:48 PM] Alan Wilson: We have no specific plans – we’ll see what happens

[5:35:31 PM] Ryan Horniblow: If you could say one thing that you know would reach every person who has and will have your game what would it be?

[5:36:41 PM] Alan Wilson: “Hi, guys” πŸ™‚ ?   Ok, more sensibly – “constructive criticism, please”   Feedback – tell us what you like (don’t like), what you want more off.   Just be nice about it – foaming at the mouth on the forums never helps πŸ™‚


[5:37:52 PM] Ryan Horniblow: That is the truth.   I think that should just about do it  for the sake of keeping things readable for our members.

Let us know what you think, what you still want to know and how you feel!

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Thanks Casper, i tried to ask everything i could but i didnt have much time!

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@RyanHorniblowΒ GreatΒ interview! Β I'm looking forward to the full release more than any other Online shooter this year (looking at you lame-ass COD).