Rising Storm Giveaway Banzai Winners!

Rising Storm Giveaway Banzai Winners!

The time has come my lovely Rising Storm Freaks.  Thanks to Tripwire Interactive we were able to give out 10 copies of Rising Storm, the most fucking epic multi-player that has come out in a while, without doubt.  Put 10 hours into this game on a server without lag, and you will never look at online FPS gaming the same again, it blows away the competition.  And Rising Storm does so not by trying to beat COD at it’s own game, but by being unique, and fucking awesome.  Winners below!

Steam Gifts Winners:

  1. neo4eyes
  2. kyl1996
  3. Azza124
  4. psbox
  5. Skizzik0

AGB Winners:

  1. Jonathan C.
  2. Arne V.
  3. Sebastian M.
  4. Vido K.
  5. Ryan C.

Great contest everyone, next giveaway coming soon!!!!

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Airborne Gamer
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