Top 5 Sexy PC Games for Labor Day

Top 5 Sexy PC Games for Labor Day

Labor Day is today and there are a slew of games out there that you should consider playing this holiday.  Since you won’t be going to work or school today, what else are you going to do anyway?

Top 5 Sexy PC games for Labor Day

5)  Surgeon Simulator 2013

Labor Day 2013 Heart transplant

Here, Take her heart.

Having a little trouble finding the sexiness you’ve been searching for, why not cut it up and make some sexy?  Surgeon Simulator 2013 will be the perfect fit for your sexy needs this Labor Day.  Be the doctor, give that person who needs heart surgery a breast implant, go all out sexy.  And if you can’t win the girl, you can at least take her heart.

4)  Saints Row 4

Saints Row IV Labor Day 2013

I’m too sexy for this bun.

Nothing screams sexy like being a Saint in Saints Row 4.  If you can make people dance to death, or fly across the city in a jet to grab a bite to eat, Saints Row 4 has got all kinds of sexy for you to enjoy.  So, strap on your wiener outfit this Labor Day and get super sexy.

3)  Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami Sexy women Labor Day 2013

I’ll save you my love

Hotline Miami is sexy to the core.  Put on your pigface, get all retro on that ass and save the girl.  While you get lost slashing and shooting your way around Miami you’ll also get a strong dose of sexy with Hotline Miami.

2) Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider lara croft sexy Labor Day 2013

I shall climb

You know Lara Croft has enough sexiness to keep you full of gamer love for hours upon hours.  You really can’t go wrong with the latest release of Tomb Raider.  She has blow away the critics and you will love this game.  Ohh, did I mention Lara Croft?  Enjoy slaying animals and all the action Tomb Raider has to offer this Labor Day 2013.

1)  Bioshock Infinite

elizabeth catch me bioshock infinite Labor Day 2013

Hold me “insertNameHere”

Is she a sexy woman you’re trying to save, or someone else?  You’ll find out in Bioshock Infinite and be the hero that everyone expects you to be.  Let Sexy Elizabeth toss you ammo in a firefight, or bring you back to life when you get yourself messed up.  Whatever the case Infinite will bring the sexy for your Labor Day 2013 this year, enjoy.

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