The Top Five Games for September 2014

The Top Five Games for September 2014

September is always a popular month for avid gamers, as many new releases are just entering the market. This year has proven to be no different and there are a number of truly fascinating games that are certain to provide entertainment, white-knuckle excitement and suspense. Let’s have a look at what many consider to be the top five games that have been released so far.


As Destiny was created from the masterful minds behind the Halo franchise, gamers are already buzzing with speculation. This ambitious new platform combines cutting-edge graphics, a compelling story-line and the very same character depth that captivated fans of Halo. If we add to this a futuristic alien environment and movie-like scenery, gamers are certain to be mesmerized by this next step forward.

Wasteland 2

wasteland 2 screenshot

This PC platform has already raised no less than three million dollars from a recent Kickstarter campaign; a testament to its popularity even before the release date. Post-apocalyptic settings combined with scenery which appears stunningly dark and realistic both guarantee this game will certainly not disappoint. Branded as “strategic, tactical and complex” by designer Brian Fargo, Wasteland 2 is as gritty as it is suspenseful. For those who enjoy survival at its most brutal, this game is the perfect choice.

Sims 4

On the other side of the coin, we can also expect to enjoy yet another release of the popular Sims role-playing platform. As no great surprise, the characters are highly realistic and it is said that they are even more intelligent and emotional. Thus, an added sense of realism continues to dominate this revolutionary game. Characters can be customized to a greater degree and new technology allows content to be downloaded and shared.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes


Thanks to the universal appeal of many recent movies, Disney has chosen to release Marvel Super Heroes this month. Characters such as Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow are available and it is said that more will be released after its launch date. As fast broadband connections have revolutionized game streaming, a high-speed fiber optic broadband UK provider for UK Gamers is the only logical choice to fully experience the fluid environments that this game displays.


Football fans can once again rejoice this September! The latest installment of the popular FIFA series has been even further enhanced (although many thought the last version could not be beat). Not only are the graphics impressive, but player interactions, more realistic emotions and even crowd responses add a further sense of realism to this adrenaline-packed sports platform.

These five games have made the top of our list due to interaction, graphical enhancements and sheer levels of enjoyment. So, September will indeed prove to be an interesting month. As these and other games continue to evolve at what can only be called a breakneck pace, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.