Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems Caused by the Android Lollipop Upgrade

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems Caused by the Android Lollipop Upgrade

Wi-Fi Problems are perhaps the most common issue that users of the Android platform have faced since the latest Lollipop upgrade. These issues are also the most wide-ranging across devices, with smartphones and tablets affected by anything from slow connections, to dropped connections, to a complete inability to connect.

Have you tried turning your device off and on again?

This was a frequent joke in the Channel 4 sitcom, The IT Crowd, but the reason it continued to be funny is because it is firmly grounded in truth. With this in mind, your first response to any of the issues mentioned above should be to reboot your device. You should also try unplugging or switching off both your router and modem for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

‘Forget’ your network

Another easy way to reconfigure your Wi-Fi profile is to disconnect your phone from the network and then reconnect. This simply refreshes the connection and ensures that correct data is being transmitted.

Update apps

If that still doesn’t work, try updating your apps to ensure that your apps are still compatible with your device’s operating system. Change your Wi-Fi channel.  The exact steps needed to change your Wi-Fi channel will depend on the router you are using, since all have different web-based admin pages. Check the router instructions or the internet for details on how to perform this action. If changing the band on your router to 2.4GHz, you should stay away from channels 12 and 13.

To access your router’s admin page, type in your IP address to your internet browser and input your username and password.

Consider downgrading to Android KitKat

You might consider this fix a little extreme. But some have found that their experience with Lollipop is so bad that this is this only viable solution until the bugs are fixed. Be sure to back up everything on your phone or tablet first, because the process of downgrading will wipe the contents of your phone.