Checking out the best single-player games

Checking out the best single-player games

Looking to investigate the current generation of games, but don’t want to let the multiplayer options slow you down? Then check out some of these amazing single-player games that range from next-gen hack’n’slashers to mobile-friendly casino games.

PS4 players have been overwhelmed with a wave of games that really show off the multiplayer potential of these amazing machines. And whilst the likes of Destiny can be fun with friends, the offline mode of Bloodborne offers some great solitary exploits for anyone who likes action combat with an interesting story line that unravels with each fight scene.

Single-player fighting fans have been particularly well served with Wolfenstein offering some fun WWII action, and special mention must of course be made for many single-player’s favorite game of recent years – The Last of Us.

The remastered version of the survival game managed to deliver an immersive story line with the ‘listen-mode’ offering an extra sensory feature to the drama. But the concept of listening yourself away from danger took on a whole new level with Alien: Isolation that delivered a whole new level of stealth as you crept around a particularly spooky spaceship.

Solitary gamers seeking something a little more grounded in real-life can easily lose a few months in the single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto V, and with rumours of a new single-player DLC available soon, it’s clear that there’s life outside the multi-player arena.

The massively-diverse mobile gaming world also offers many games tailor-made for the single player. There’s been a great deal of acclaim for the likes of Hitman: Sniper that had many murderous missions for the mobile gamer. And even games of poker, slots and roulette have come to life thanks to Betway that is amongst the best online casino sites in the UK thanks to its single-player mobile games that offer some lucrative winnings.

However, one of the biggest single-player games of recent years has to be Starcraft II. This sci-fi strategy game became one of the best-selling titles of all-time for its complex intergalactic story line, massive array of campaign missions and plenty of space action that made it perfect for the rising eSports scene.

And with many other titles like Fallout 4, and The Witcher III providing some addictive single-player fun alongside the casino games, it just goes to show that just because you’re playing alone, it doesn’t have to be boring!