Why PCs are Better Than Consoles for Gaming

Why PCs are Better Than Consoles for Gaming

In the world of gaming, the battle between those who favor various consoles over others is already quite fierce. But, whilst Xbox and PS4 users continue to argue over which of the two is the better console to play on, PG gamers are convinced that their method of gaming is much better than consoles altogether. And, although consoles definitely have their advantages, there’s no denying that PC gaming offers you more choice and freedom as a gamer. We’ve taken a look at just some of the main reasons why PC gamers say that they prefer gaming on a PC as opposed to a gaming console.

More Hacks and Cheats

The PC gaming community is filled with people who know just where to get their hands on the latest cheats, providing eager gamers with codes, cheats and hacks to unlock new features, move up levels faster, or get paid content for free amongst much more. Sites such as http://www.iwantcheats.net are great for PC gamers as they provide you with a range of codes to enhance your experience playing all of your favorite PC games.

Longer Lasting

Gaming consoles usually only last for a few years at a time, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer who spends every spare hour that you’ve got playing on it. On the other hand, PC gamers find that their gaming PCs do not need as much updating as gaming consoles. This is often due to the fact that it’s easier to replace PC parts and many problems can be solved with an inexpensive repair or simple tweak, unlike gaming consoles, which usually have to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement if anything goes wrong.

More Exclusive PC Games

Most popular games today come in a range of formats to makes sure that all types of gamers can enjoy them. However, certain games are exclusive to one console only, but this is quite rare as it means that the game manufacturer loses out on a huge share of their target market. On the other hand, PC gaming is different in that not only can gamers choose from a wide range of games available for both console and PC, but also from a selection of both classic and new games that are exclusive to PC only.

Less Costly

Another of the main reasons why many people are becoming attracted to PC gaming over console gaming is that it is a cheaper experience overall. Although a gaming PC may initially cost more than a console to buy or build, it will usually last longer than a console with the right type of care. Along with that, PC games are usually cheaper than console games, and if you don’t mind having non-physical copies of your favorite games, you can download them at a very low cost or sometimes even free online.

Whether you’re a console fan or PC is more of your thing in terms of gaming, there’s no denying that both are equally as fun. But, PC gaming has a lot of extra advantages!