5 Ways of making money online

5 Ways of making money online

How much time do you spend online? Average person surfs the net for about three hours daily. It is enough for checking some news, playing a few games and texting friends on social networks.  

But what if this time could be spent with profit? There are several proven and absolutely legal ways of making real money via World Wide Web people actually use.


It is easy, exciting and profitable. Beginners play for interest, choosing free casino games. But then, after upgrading their skills people take risks of placing bet with online casino real money. This method is the most profitable.

Gamblers win thousands of dollars enjoying their favorite games. Of course, it is all about luck, but is worth trying.


Paid surveys

It is obvious that one cannot become a millionaire taking surveys, unless there will be some fresh cash for lunch or another cup of coffee.

One cannot deny that knowing the fact that our opinions are worth something is pleasing. Inform company of your preferences and get some money.

Clicks for cash

This method is very similar to the previous one. It is super easy and takes less time than any other ‘job’.

Companies are looking for people who can click on their banners. The advantages here include the following:

  • You can choose what you like and enjoy seeing the information you are interested in.
  • You are paid for it.

Clicking is easy. This is why each click will bring you a few cents. But at least you still want to see some cool images, read exciting articles and watch a kitty failing its leap.

One should not be super smart to perform any of these actions.


This crypto-currency has made a lot of fuss all over the world. There are two direct ways of earning some money on it.

  1. Investment. Invest as much as you can and wait for currency rate to go up. Sale your Bitcoin and buy new when it is down again. Repeat as long as you wish.
  2. Bitcoin faucet. It is a tiny app users install on their gadgets. Faucet will collect all free Bitcoins for you stuffing your electronic wallet with piles.


Simple and smart. Some people claim they turned into fat cats thanks to this system. There are a lot of proofs showing off how this system is bringing fortune to regular people. Maybe you can be the next.

Sport betting

Hundreds of online offices all over the globe offer their clients to place a bet on the upcoming match. Going to watch a game tonight? Place a few dollars on your favorite team.

They can bring you some good luck and some pleasing sum of money. Remember that people who are afraid of trying anything new never get rich.