The Most Popular Gaming Genres in the World Right Now

The Most Popular Gaming Genres in the World Right Now

Do you consider yourself a bit of a gamer? If so you likely have your favorite genre and style of games that you gravitate towards. Do you think your personal interests match those of the majority? We’re here to take a look at the most popular gaming genres in the world right now. This list may be directly in line with your own interests, or you may find that you’re unique when it comes to the games you like.

Simulation Games Top the Bunch

It’s hard to beat simulation games when it comes to popularity, as this genre consistently sits at the top of lists around the world. Developers seem to be well aware of the desire for this style of games, as they continue to pump out new and exciting options.

From the classic simulation style sports games such as what you’d find at Diamond Mind Online, to more of an alternate universe role playing game, these games are keeping players intrigued and hooked. Because there is such an interest in simulation games, you can expect to keep seeing new technology, advances, and offerings throughout 2017.

First-Person Shooter

Action games are always a hit with gamers, and the first-person shooter style of game is the absolute most popular option. In this genre/style of game play the player will feel as though they are the one in the game. You are playing from a first-person perspective which adds a greater level of suspense and thrill. These are the type of games that are sure to get your heart racing.

Again, just like with simulation games, developers are well aware of their appeal and constantly provide a variety of challenging and fun options.


Here’s a genre that has really picked up over the past couple of years. Of course, it helps that there has been such a huge interest in survival and horror themed television shows and movies. The two mediums seem to be feeding off each other and helping to drive the genre forward.

This genre is obviously geared towards more mature/older gamers so its audience isn’t necessarily as broad. That hasn’t seemed to stop it where popularity is concerned, though. What may have been seen initially as a “blip” now seems to be here to stay.


Even though this one may not seem as glamorous as some of the other genres, puzzles still manage to hit the mark with gamers across the board. What helps to drive this genre is the fact it can appeal to such a wide range of gamers – both sexes and all ages. Puzzle games can be fun, but they can also have an educational aspect to them, which parents tend to love.

Always a Great Option to Be Found

What becomes apparent as you look at the list of popular gaming genres is just how many options are available. While the top ones seem to remain on these lists year after year, developers are doing their best to keep injecting new offerings into the mix.