In Scotland Largs from the gaming machine stole £ 1000

In Scotland Largs from the gaming machine stole £ 1000

At 5:25 AM an person unknown broke a window in the pub McCabes, in the small Scottish town of Largs. He did not open the cash register, or touch the bottles on the bar, and immediately went to the gaming penny slots machine, he cracked it and took with him about £ 1,000 in coins.

Bar owners assess the damage caused to the property during a robbery at £ 400. That was the cost for replacement of windows and restoring order in the room. Police have not yet found the intruder, but managed to arrest his accomplices. After questioning the man and other investigative activities, law enforcement officers have found that in addition to the robbery offender also hijacked a car, smashed it on the post and left. The investigation is ongoing.

You ask, where in Scotland do slots appeared in a simple pub? After all, throughout the United Kingdom are allowed only standard FOBT terminals, which need to purchase a special license and pay a lot of taxes.

Local craftsmen have returned to the practice of so-called fruit slot. Machine does not offer gambling, gamblers trows a coin in it and spins the reels, and receive guaranteed prize in the form of chewing gum with fruit flavor, or a similar product. The device belongs to the category of vending machines – because the client in any case receive the goods, for which he paid the money from the combination, fell on drums, it depends only on “flavor” of gum. But here, the client can “refuse” from the acquired product and return it to the bartender. And there are very different prices – for some types of chewing gum administrator can give you a thousand pounds.