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Here is a little info about us and what we do!

We are PC Gamers running a PC Gaming Website.  Although we love games on many different platforms, we recognize the PC to be a superior platform.  Therefore we cover PC games and news only!  (Things were not always so, and you may find console coverage in older articles).

We also like to make virtual love to all our users.  That means you come first, we don’t blow smoke up your ass, and we take your loyality seriously.

We like to give you, the user free stuff as well…. in the form of free games that is.  Check out the giveaway page HERE.

We are a diverse group of writers, check out who we are HERE.

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The Name “Airborne Gamer” comes from my time in the US Army.  I was Airborne there and have always been a gamer…sooooo……Airborne Gamer.

Last but not least, always feel free to contact me too!  I’d love to hear from you.