PC Game Piracy (Near and Dear to my Heart) The Truth…

I believe in the heart of every gamer we all want to know the lowdown on PC game Piracy and Piracy in general.  So here is a look into game piracy and its effect on the industry/gamers. I am tired of hearing about big multi-billion dollar corporations going after average people that have downloaded their copyrighted content.  […]

Verizon’s Droid 2 Specs

The Motorola Droid sold well, very well.  Do high sales always mean that something rocked?  No.  But the power of the Droid and it app-friendliness sure helped.  The Droid 2 will be out soon enough; here is a look into the sequel.  The overall design will remain similar, but now we can use a keyboard on the[…]



E3 (Big List of Releases)

I know that I have not mentioned anything about this years E3 event.  So lets start fresh.  The event E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is an annual event for game developers of the world to show off their goods.  Video game companies generally put more money and effort into E3 than any other even happening the rest of[…]

Funny Ass Tombstones in Red Dead Redemption

Thanks to Veteran Gamers for opening our eyes to this sweet collection of tombstones in Red Dead Redemption.  Rockstar games brings the hits, and the developers of their most recent game gave even the most curious gamers something to giggle about.  Here are some tombstones from Red Dead Redemption that are funny as hell. Rest in peace my love.[…]