Microsoft Firing More Employees

The same thing happened last year, Microsoft, the technology giant will be letting go more of their faithful employees.  The job cuts started on the 7th and should not be as dramatic as last year’s cuts.  Even the billion dollar empire is feeling the effects of the economic recession.  Although I’m more than sure they could keep all their current employees, and even hire more, and really not feel it.  But there is a reason why Microsoft is one of the biggest most successful corporations in the word, and usually successful companies’ continually try to keep their overhead down.

Although there will be job cuts in certain areas of the company, they are in fact hiring for other departments.  In the world Microsoft employs 88,596 people, of that total about 39,824 work in the Seattle, WA area.  The difference from last year to this year in terms of Microsoft employees is -3147.  Gotta answer to the stock holder, right Microsoft.

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