Steams Success with Portal & Why They Rock

If you had the chance to experience Portal, then you enjoyed a rare treat in gaming.  The story, cake, level design, and of course the lovely song during the ending credits (Probably the best closing credits ever, check it out below) made Portal a cult classic, as well as a damn good game.  If you were lucky […]

GOTY 2011: Warriors of Elysia

Don’t be ashamed if your laughter gives way to arousal while watching the trailer. The pre-order for this baby is $19.99 and will let you have all the karate girl ass kicking fun you want on the 19th of April, 2011.  It looks like the game will be for the PC only, but don’t be afraid.  If the last time[…]

Activision’s List of Priorities = Fail

There’s no denying it, Activision (Call of Duty series, Band Hero, DJ Hero, Prototype) is the equivalent of the devil to many “mature” gamers nowadays.  Meaning gamers who do more than just game, who actually know what the f*** is going on in the industry.  Let me sum it up for you, here is Activision’s list of priorities as[…]



Top 10 Free PC Games of All Time

Getting bored of whatever it is that you’ve been playing?  And don’t feel like spending a few bucks on a game?  Then I give you games that are all for FREE.  Now everyone likes free, and most of the time we value something less when we don’t shell out any doe for it, but at least with[…]