Top 10 Free PC Games of All Time

Getting bored of whatever it is that you’ve been playing?  And don’t feel like spending a few bucks on a game?  Then I give you games that are all for FREE.  Now everyone likes free, and most of the time we value something less when we don’t shell out any doe for it, but at least with video games, there’s no huge loss if you just play the thing once or twice and then drag and drop it in your virtual trash can.

Anyway, here is my list of the top 10 FREE game for you to play.  There are links to all the games, if you have a free game of your own that you fancy, don’t hesitate to let me know below.

10 )  Grand Theft Auto I:  This Rockstar Classic is a must have.  You may be surprised to know that many people never knew that Grand Theft Auto did not start off as a First Person/3rd Person shooter.  Anyway, check out GTA I or GTA II of you have some extra space on your laptop and are looking for cheap thrills.

9 )  Grand Theft Auto II:  See Above : )

8 )  Battlefield Heroes:  This little gem has become quite popular.  EA is the mastermind behind Battlefield Heroes and they will give us all the privileged to play this on free of charge.  Aren’t they swell?

7 )  Need For Speed World:  Another offering from EA, but this time around you have to pony up some doe if you have explored the Need For Speed World and want to expand your boundaries and car selection.  So this is not a 100% free game to play, but think of it like a super long demo that lets you taste basically the whole thing.  Anyway its free to start off with.

6 )  Command and Conquer Classics:  I just lumped all these together in number 6 here. But really there are 3 games, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Dawn & Red Alert and all FREE.  I used to love Red Alert back in the day.  Instant classic, ohhh and did I mention FREE.

5 )  The Lord of the Rings Online:  Here is a free online game that offers good graphics and many hours of possible game-play.  And no, I don’t think you can play as Gollum.

4 )  Tower Defense Games:  There are tons of free tower defense games here.  Tower defense is arguably one of the most addicting game types out there, and best of all, most are free.  Check em out, you may get hooked.

3 )  Super Mario Online:  Ohhh the classics.  Here is a bunch of Mario flash games that will bring back memories of your very first Nintendo.  The classics truly do die hard : )

2 )  America’s Army 3:  This is the Armys recruitment tool for gamers.  This is a full game and is free.  And they do have an active online community of gamers as well.  The download is through Steam.  If you don’t already have Steam you will need to download it first.  You can download Steam HERE.

1 )  Alien Swarm:  This game is freggin fun, and has given me many hours of online entertainment.  This may not be the most intense or longest lasting free game on the list, but to me it is classic.  And Alien Swarm needs Steam as well.  Enjoy!

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