Christmas Game Giveaway Winners

First of all, merry Christmas to all you gamers!  Hopefully you got some cool stuff that was on your wish list, and hopefully that “cool stuff” included a game or two.  So the Christmas Game Giveaway has come to a close, read below to see our 3 lucky winners. AirborneGamer Website Winner: oasis789  AirborneGamer Steam Group Winner: […]



Hate Origin? Bypass it then

Origin, the much hated EA Digital distribution service trying to compete with Steam has left a bad taste in many gamers mouths as of late.  Well, there is a way to play your precious BF3 without running it through Origin.  I’m not saying EA approves of this method or anything, I’m just saying there is a way to play Battlefield 3 without[…]



QOTW: What is the best game you’ve played this year so far?

There have been some real gems that have come out already this gaming year.  We’re at the tail end of wrapping up 2011 and we’ve still got some great things to look forward to as well.  But what better chance then now to reflect on the games that this year have reached into our gamer hearts and[…]



COD: MW3 Achievements as Spoilers

Well, if you want to know how the COD: MW3 campaign will go down in one lined spoiler form, look no further.  The single player achievements were leaked and they do contain spoilers for you diehards out there.  Or you could just wait until November 8th to get your hands on the real deal.  As I have[…]



Rated “M” Doesn’t Make a Good Game

I have played a lot of games in my life, action, adventure, shooter, puzzle, MMO, and more, and my favorite, the most memorable games are all rated T or lower. In fact, I feel like in a way when developers go out of their way make sure their game is rated M, it takes away from the[…]