This is why the PC Platform gets the Shaft

Recently there has been news that Crysis 2 and now Killzone 3 have been leaked on torrent sites before their official release.  Let me ask you this.  If you spent years pouring your heart and soul into creating a video game, have huge expectations for it, then find out that your game is being played…for FREE… by thousands of people before it was even fully polished or ready for the public, how would you feel?  Pissed, I would be friggin pissed.

Many times gamers, specifically PC gamers gripe and whine about why the PC is often overlooked.  Why do consoles get demos before the PC?  Why do consoles get updates and map packs before the PC?  And why does the PC has intrusive DRM to protect IP that is sure to be taken and redistributed to the masses for free?  This is exactally why.  These types of things are the reason the PC community gets the shaft.  And whose fault is it?  It’s our own fault, us shamefull PC Gamers.

With Crysis 2 and now Killzone 3 being live on torrent sites, many developers are forced to look down upon the PC community to some extent.  Now I realize that Killzone 3 will be for the PS3 only, but where is the torrent found…on the Internet accessed through a PC.

As long as gamers and pirates within the PC community sink to these new lows, developers will continue to implement DRM, as well the PC in general will become more and more phased out by many companies altogether due to these types of attitudes and actions with PC Gamers.

I am by no means saying I have never downloaded a PC game, movie or music for free, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself looking for good prices on games rather than looking for a free meal.  I may have changed my ways some, although I don’t think pirates are evil people, I am one.  I do believe we as gamers need to support the gaming industry if there is a game out there we want, and buy it.  If you don’t want the game enough to wait for the price to come down a bit, then move on, get another cheaper game and stop bitching.

So, let’s just be a little more conscious about our actions as gamers.  And realize that when we pirate a game we are hurting the industry we love.  Not to mention a newborn baby dies every time a game is pirated as well.

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