Rated “M” Doesn’t Make a Good Game

I have played a lot of games in my life, action, adventure, shooter, puzzle, MMO, and more, and my favorite, the most memorable games are all rated T or lower. In fact, I feel like in a way when developers go out of their way make sure their game is rated M, it takes away from the […]



History Lesson: Call of Duty

Call of duty, like it or not, is a major part of the game industry, going out to sell over 55 million copies across all its game, and making over 3 billion dollars in sales. It continues to this day to sell better than most games, and is expected every November. The game has also had a[…]



5 Free Games from The Happy Cloud

We’re at it again, this time we’ve got 5 free games we’re giving away!  That’s right 5, as in cicno.  The contest is simple, (rules below) and if you win, you get your choice of any game you desire from The Happy Cloud.  So, that means after you win you’re free game using HappyCloud tech you’ll be able to start gaming within[…]

What if the next Xbox isn’t just a console?

Microsoft has had some major success with its Xbox brand since its launch in 2001, and that success has continued into Microsofts second console the Xbox 360. Since the 360’s launch however, the Xbox brand has evolved. Xbox has moved on to its new Windows Phone 7 mobile service, which shows that Microsoft is getting serious about[…]