QOTW: What is the best game you’ve played this year so far?

There have been some real gems that have come out already this gaming year.  We’re at the tail end of wrapping up 2011 and we’ve still got some great things to look forward to as well.  But what better chance then now to reflect on the games that this year have reached into our gamer hearts and made special sauce?  So I present this weeks QOTW (Question of the Week) and our writers responses,  what is the best game you’ve played this year so far? 

Kyle: The best game I have played this year, not because of quality per se, but because of how fun it is, has got to be FIFA 12… I can spend hours, and never get bored.
It has it’s flaws, but EA seem to care, after all. It is probably their biggest money spinner.
If you ain’t tried it, do so!

Casper: The best game ive played so far would have to be ummm so hard to pick just one cause there all so different from each other but lets just say the first batman arkham asylum and fable 2 and BF2142 are my top 3 picks mainly because I managed to sink SOOO many hours into each and usually I get really bored with a game but not these 3…

Jose: Assassin’s Creed. The first sucked, but AC2 and AC:Brotherhood were beast.
The history, the gameplay, even the characters, it’s all beautiful. I fell in love when i played the game for first time.
Even though all you do in the entire game is: COUNTER COUNTER COUNTER COUNTER COUNTER COUNTER…
Also, i learned a bit of history while playing, it was awesome.

JD:  I had a lot of trouble deciding the best game I played this year, it was tough to choose between LittleBigPlanet 2, Terraria, and Portal 2. However after some thinking, I chose Portal 2 due to its pure perfection. As you can probably tell from my review, I loved the game giving it a 95% score, one of the highest I have ever given to a game. Not only does the game offer one of the best single player campaigns, but it does so with out over the top action and set pieces. The replay value is outstanding, despite its limited online play, and the game is just simply fun to play.

Adam:  I never thought I would say this but it has to be Red Orchestra 2.  While there is only a laughable single-player component to RO2, the multi-player is so epic it has won my heart and GOTY choice to date for sure.  Needless to say I am looking forward to the Jap/American Expansion coming out in 2012.

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