Frayed Ends?

I had a number of gripes, the tutorials were actually just powerpoint slides, the UI was a bit useless, and there wasn’t any kind of solo play! Now Fray: Reloaded Edition has gone live, and they’ve added a new game mode which plays like a reverse Tower Defense Tactical shooter. You have to use your squad to […]



GOG Giveaway Madness (9 Free for ALL) + (10 Free for 10)

Time to get your GOG on gamers!  We’ve got a special giveaway today, call it a GOG special.  Here is a little about what makes GOG special: You buy it. You own it. 100% DRM-free.  DRM, also called copy protection, tries to control you and your games. We don’t believe in that – all of the games on GOG.com[…]

Candy Crush Saga Review

Yet again I have found a time waster game, Candy Crush Saga.  Yes it is from the same maker as Bubble Witch Saga, and that is actually how I found this other addicting game.  Read on to find out what I think of it. Candy Crush Saga is similar to games like Bejeweled in that you have to[…]

Is The Age Of Single Player Dead?

I was shredding it up Close Quarters style a few minutes ago, and I was selling 3079 – one of the games I told you to buy in IndieFort. I’ll get to that review in a second, I had quoted somewhere that said “3079 is a mix of Fallout 1 and Minecraft” and my regular squaddies were all over it. Then[…]