Same Sex Relationships In Gaming

There has been a bit of a new craze going around lately which is putting same sex relationships (for a minority group) in games, which effects the larger dominate group in mainly a negative way. The usual follow up comments when someone disagrees with this new way is usually greeted by “your homophobic” or “your stupid” but is this really the case?

Have you ever felt passionately about a character to a point you feel you know almost every single thing about him or her? Spent countless hours learning everything there is to know and diving into the lore of game? If you have done this and a new sequel in a game series promises to completely change the characters you love and already know don’t u have a right to be a little pissed off? Does this make someone “stupid” or “homophobic” just because they don’t want there favourite characters randomly forced to change at the end of a trilogy (ME3).

It would be like watching a John Wayne movie where he is a heterosexual cowboy roaming the lands killing American Indians and saving poor little women from the dangers of the West than after 2 movies the 3rd changes him into a purple alien who only likes other aliens. Destroying your love for the character and ruining the experience you once loved with a passion making you equally as pissed off cause of this random change at the end of a trilogy.

So my question is why is it okay to call these people stupid and homophobic just because there characters are forced changed at the end? When throughout there entire experience they have known and grown to love these already existent characters. They say “Oh but the game reacts to your play style then opens up the gay romance option”  but how tha fuck do you play a game gay? And what about all those people who loved the Mass Effect franchise so much they completed all the options on each characters and loved completing every aspect off it? Now they cant do this because of the forced ME3 same sex content, which has the potential to ruin the characters they already know and love.

I personally couldn’t give a fuck if a whole bunch of “new” characters came in being gay or if they had a option in character creation that enabled or disabled same sex in the game. But this isn’t the case cause apparently your just an idiot or a homophobe if you don’t enjoy characters randomly turning gay.

Whats your thoughts on this entire matter ?

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