CS:GO Beta Update

One reason I love Valve is because of how extensively they test games before they are released.  I’m surprisingly happy to announce the latest CS:GO Beta update.  Here it is:

• Reduced the amount of stepwise variation in the weapon recoil patterns so they are smoother and easier to learn and control.
• The recoil jump on the xm1014 has been lowered.
• The recoil on the ak47 has been lowered to be more in line with other weapons.
• The ak47 recoil pattern has also been adjusted.
• The cash reward for defusing bomb has been raised to $3500.
• Added multiple T spawn points to Dust2.UI:
• The number of seconds to delay showing the player id when crosshairs are hovered over a player has been increased from 0.1 to 0.5.
• Updated the mini-scoreboard for Arms Race to show the weapon for each player.
• All of the players who are in the lead now show what weapon they are leading with in the mini-scoreboard.
• The “YOU ARE ON TEAM” and old weapon leader messages have been removed.
• Added a weapon progression panel in Demolition mode that shows the full array of weapons and your current progress.
• Scoreboard will now instantly appear when triggered.
• Easier to see who is alive by darkening the dead players.
• Updated weapon icons.
• Updated AUG small icon.
• Updated MAG7 small icon.
• Removed suppressor and extended stock from MP7 outline icon.
• Added extended stock to MP9 outline icon.Maps:
• Shoots
– Adjusted fog settings.
– Adjusted light_environment settings.
– Adjusted local contrast settings (turned off blur effect).
– Adjusted bloom scale (turned down effect).
– Raised light levels.
– Adjusted fade distance on bicycle.
– Adjusted fade distance on light/glow.
– Readjusted some wood textures.
– Fixed some mismatched wood textures on steps.
– Added missing faces on wood planks.
– Adjusted fade distance on poster inside hut.
– Adjusted fade distance on rice basket in huts.
– Adjusted texture and position of wood railing model.
– Added player clips to sniper shack to prevent players from getting stuck.• Dust
– Added some back faces to the geometry where players could see out of the map.
– Fix for an environment light effect that could be seen through a building as well as smoke grenade effect.
– Added a cubemap and updated a floor material for a noticeably dark door.• Office
– Adjusted position of boxes so player can run past easily.
– Updated the counter prop objects to be prop_physics_multiplayer, and marked as debris.
– Turned off collision on pipes and lamp at Backway stairwell to prevent camping there.
– Adjusted light map resolution just inside the stairwell to help it blend better.
– Removed garbage models that were causing collision issues.
– Added additional light behind CT Spawn so the lighting will look more consistent on the player models.
– Removed half submerged pop cans from desk at entrance stairwell.
– Made all of the monitors and keyboards physics objects.
– Fixed missing trim at the main entrance stairwell ceiling.
– Added player clip brushes to windows at Snipers Nest to make jumping through them easier.
– Set the objects without physics hulls to non solid.
– Adjusted the fade distance on the trash can near the building entrance at the back courtyard, as well as a number of others that were popping into view.
– Adjusting local-contrast settings (made less blurry)
– Tuned tonemap controller values to be more consistent with other levels.• Inferno
– Fix for players getting out of the map at T spawn.• Safehouse
– Fix for being able to jump on fence on edge of map.
– Fix for missing faces by bathtub.• Italy
– Turned down local_contrast setting.

• Aztec
– Updated the helicopter animation.
– Fixed a bug with particles not reliably turning off.

• Bank
– Replaced skybox trees models with simple cards.
– Disabled CSM on foliage and chain-link fence.
– Adjusted fog settings to match more closely to other maps.

• Nuke
– Reduced bloom scale.

• Sugarcane
– Tuned fog and prop fades.
– Deleted a vista props outside of player space.

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