Top 5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better than Console Gaming

PC gaming will always be superior to console gaming. The gaming industry is constantly pushing the limits of graphics, cpu and ram power, and the only machine that can keep up with industry demands is the PC.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better than Console Gaming:

5. Graphics

Drop a cold hard G ($1000) and you can get a PC video card so hardcore that you can recreate The Matrix. A more realistic video card option goes for about $200, and that’s still an amazing graphical experience.

Most consoles run at 720p which is 1280×720 resolution. It’s not even worth talking about console 1080p because it’s not worth the quest to find a game that runs at that resolution.

Even the most modest PC graphics card will pump out out at least 1920×1080 at 60 frames per second.

Let’s not neglect the screen size. PC Gaming tends to be on monitors less than 30″ while console gaming trend higher. This matters because it further degrades the console experience by spreading it’s low resolution over a larger area… like zooming in on a tiny jpg, you’re gonna have a bad time.

4. Control

Consoles have their controllers. Sometimes they have things like Kinect that uses your body motion for game control, which is a complete joke due to lag and shitty responsiveness.

PC Games have EVERYTHING. You can use an XBOX controller, you can use a kinect, you can even use a modded atari joystick old school.

Hell you can even use your brain as a controller with new tech like Emotiv.

While we have complete choice, we all know that any serious gamer is going to be using WASD on a keyboard and mouse due to it’s absolute movement precision allowing you to fully utilize your hardened elite gaming reflexes when shit goes bad in Splinter Cell.

If you’re using a controller on your PC, you’re not a PC Gamer… you’re a console gamer who’s mommy is using the TV.

3. Modding, Hacking, and Unofficial DLC

After you’ve spent a month on the latest console game, playing through every area, finding every secret… you’re done. There’s not much more joy to be had, and you can only wait for the next DLC to add a horse you can ride through the same levels or some crap.

The really interesting part are community graphic updates, like high resolution texture replacements and nudie skins (boobs are love).

Modders create utilities and hacks to make the game more enjoyable and easier to deal with the more mundane parts. Among the most interesting utilities are map viewers, map editors, and of course Cheats.

PC gaming has a very active borderline fanatic Modding community that will add every possible enhancement you can think of to the more popular games. New levels, unofficial bug fixes, pink unicorns, whatever you can envision… some hacker in his mom’s basement thought of it and made it.

2. Online Play

Multiplayer gaming, in it’s modern form, was born on the PC in the late 1980′s/early 1990′s. It has had over two decades of maturity which is far from anything I can say about the gamers screaming profanity into the headset of your XBOX live experience.

It’s almost a given that any PC game worth anything has multiplayer capabilities (Elder Scrolls I give a pass on because of its eliteness).

Of course, a huge part of PC online gaming is that… it’s FREE. Free as in: all you need is an internet connection worth its salt. There is no xbox live fees or extra cost for the online feature. FREE.

1. Custom Configurations and Adaptability

The most clear advantage PC gaming has over the console is: Custom Configurations and Adaptability.

You either bought your rig as a unit, or you bought components to build your custom gaming machine. Either way, you chose what components you wanted.

The best part is that you can upgrade pretty much any of your components to keep up with the latest FPS engine (cryEngine4 anyone?).

The ability to adapt and change with your environment is what allowed homo sapiens to become the dominant life on earth. The same is true for the Gaming Environment. The PC’s ability to adapt and change is the number one reason it will always beat a console.

The console is the Neanderthal of the gaming environment. It can’t adapt, by design it’s hardware is static. Sure, you can upgrade it’s OS and software, but you’re limited by the speed and components that software will run on.

The PC is your own gaming machine that you tailor fit to your level of eliteness.
The console will never be your machine. It will always be the box that tells you how to play the game.

If you say you’re a gamer, and you’re talking about consoles… it’s a delusion. You will never be an Elite Gamer(TM) on a console.

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