3 Games You Have To Try Again!

There are a lot of games you have played for five minutes and begged for your money back. I try my hardest not to do that, give the game a good solid hour. Sometimes I go out on a limb and give it two, and just wait for it to capture my heart and soul, and prove […]

Farming Simulator 2013 nothing but a complete version of Farmville?

Farmville was one of the most popular games from Zynga on Facebook.  It still has a big following but that is starting to slip.  Being a social game, it had limited ability to really be something.  However Giant Interactive Entertainment took that simple game and made it a full-fledged PC game with Farming Simulator 2011.  Now the video[…]



What do you think of these PC games ported to console?

There has always been controversy about PC games being ported to consoles and vice versa.  PC gamers claim that the games lose something since the graphical interface is lower on a console.  There is also the problem with some games being designed for the PC which just don’t port well at all due to the differences in[…]