What Makes An Indie Game?

(Part 1 of a Weekly special!)


Independent game developers have the freedom and flexibility to create at will. No fixed deadlines, no board of directors, no share holders. Just a game, about who they are, and what they are as people. A great example of this is Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, and the numerous other love childs of Edmund McMillen and a pen (Triachnid is my personal favourite). Only recently have developers had such a penetrating reach – Steam, Desura and even their own websites. This online Checkout to Hard Drive system drops publishing costs back through all seven circles.
This used to be the domain of flash games, but now there is a very fine line. It was almost as fine as the line between Archaea and Bacteria in the 70′s. To level with you here, Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy are really just flash games – very high quality – flash games that you would expect to find anywhere on the net.

To prove a point, I had a quick look. A bit through my history, and a bit more practicing my google fu. I hunted around for truly jaw dropping flash games – worthy of Binding of Isaac prices, and Super Meat Boy Praise.

(I could just cheat here, and list all of Mr McMillen’s previous flash games – but you should’ve played those anyway)

Any explanation I give cannot do them justice, spare your 5 minutes. Sir (Or ma’am).

Every Day The Same Dream

The Majesty Of Colors


The Company Of Myself


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